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Twitter UK (D&AD)
* Best of Show - 2021 SF Addy Gold * 2021 SF Addy - Social Media * AAU - Spring Show 2020
Twitter Brief — Create a campaign that highlights the 8-Bit retro-gaming community on Twitter. We naturally chose Pokémon as the video game franchise, not only one of the most popular franchises worldwide but the highest-grossing in sales overall for 25 years.


Leverage Twitter to highlight the retro-gaming community on the platform. At the same time, while drawing attention to this large and growing worldwide online community.


Adults who grew up with video games in their homes from Atari to Nintendo to Sega and on. Now, those same people who grew up with these games have passed down the love of gaming and nostalgia to their kids.

  • Twitter is the social media platform to share their passion with millions across the globe quickly.
  • Retro-Gaming has grown year over year, especially with the pandemic and rise in online gaming overall.
  • Retro-Gaming has created much more than just more young fans but even music based on the 8-bit sounds from these games.
  • Twitch has only created another outlet for retro gamers to play with each other and interact live via video streaming to viewers from all over.
Since its creation over 25 years ago. Pokémon has become the highest-grossing franchise in video game history, and gains in popularity each year.


Pokémon - Gotta Catch'em All

Leverage Twitter to spread the word and join with fans. From diehard retro-gamers to new Pokémon Go fans, who recently discovered and love the characters too. Pokémon fans worldwide use the hashtag plus their favorite pokémons' unique pokédex number. Turning the boring hashtag into an animated 8-bit emoticon of their favorite Pokémon.

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