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Mentor by Google

Copywriting Creative Strategy Art Direction - Aarti Thamma
Teachers & Students (spec.)
* Winning - Young Shits September—2020 * 2021 SF Addys—Silver 2021 * Muse Creative Award Silver—2021 * Chip Shot Awards Short List—2021
American schools are missing adequate teachers. Millions of students in America are learning virtually in classrooms. Yet, thousands of teachers are retiring, and fewer than 8% are joining the workforce. All are leaving jobs due to low wages, underfunding of public schools, and lack of teaching supplies. Creating a ripple effect of school districts choosing to hire unqualified teachers, affecting the education for kids nationwide.

LFH: 2020 Pandemic

Qualified teachers are leaving their professions due to low wages and underfunding of the public schools, lacking the resources to teach, thus impacting the quality of education for kids. Millions of students in America are learning virtually in classrooms, yet thousands of teachers are quitting, and less than 8% are entering the workforce.

What We Know:

2020 Pandemic has created a worldwide problem for younger generation, and they are affected in ways we will find out in the future—technology able to minimize an otherwise lost year of learning.

  • With less than 8% of new teachers entering the profession, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of all Americans but, more importantly, has disrupted the health and education of the next generation.
  • Teachers have decided to retire early or have fallen victim to this pandemic.
  • Fewer teachers entering and more leaving the profession is causing a lack of quality educators.
  • Underfunding of public schools system nationwide and the gap in accessibility has become more evident than ever now—especially with lack of access to a computer and high-speed internet
Virtual learning or LFH has become the norm for the vast majority of students more than a year later, and being taught via computer video sessions is still common—almost two years later, going to school is not back to "normal"

Mentor by Google

Teaching Enters the Gig Economy

It's an app that empowers professionals and teachers alike seeking unique side-gigs opportunities. Each can sign up to teach what they already know or what they went to college for but never do as a profession.

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Google? Over the last ten years, Google has invested more in the education system and been at the forefront of tech companies leading the modernization of schools in America. They have built programs, apps, and Googles' cloud-based eco-system modified for any situation. Brief provided by Young Shits, monthly competition, and provided by ACD from Caitlin Workman from RG/A in New York City.

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