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Open for Business - Endangered Dishes

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Open for Business (One Club Brief 2021)
Does meeting Benny Gold count the personal achievement category?
"Open for Business." - Objective to get more customers to come to brick and mortar stores, albeit keeping in mind social distancing.


How do we get people back into brick & Mortar stores while they have become so comfortable ordering and visiting brick-mortar shops?

Choose an industry that you would like or retail as a whole.


More than 60% of Restaurants have closed since the pandemic and possibly 85% when all is said and done.

Immigrant-owned restaurants are the heart of every community, and they’re rapidly disappearing due to Covid-19.

These restaurants are COVID safe and open for business. We can urge consumers to support these local businesses and cultural flavors before it’s too late and more immigrant-owned restaurants become extinct.

"Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American Life."—JFK


The James Beard Foundation begins the campaign in NYC. They are taking out an op-ed in The New York Times—Food Section and informing readers that the Pandemic is most affected by the restaurant industry. Not only that, immigrant-owned restaurants are the most at risk of being gone for good. All restaurants, immigrant-owned restaurants support an interconnected chain of food and produce suppliers. As a result, each is affected by the loss of indoor dining and in many immigrant-owned restaurants. This means closed for good.

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